Thursday Truffle

One thing for sure is that anyone who watches Donald Trump in action can learn how to be an asshole. For all with aspirations in this direction- you have an overachiever IN THE WHITE HOUSE. The Donald would love to show you how to brag and steer every conversation and utterance back to yourself. How to put words together and still not say anything. And he’s like a school kid who tells everyone that his dad is tougher than your dad.

It’s difficult to fathom how his supporters keep hanging in there with him, though I guess in a way it’s no different than what many were doing for the eight years Barack Obama was in office. Except back then we were dismissing and deflecting constant assaults from Fox News and company on everything from a birth certificate to being a Muslim to, in general, being the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

At least the current occupant warrants that last dig. And so many more.

Here’s hoping Mr. Mueller’s indictments reach all the way to the Oval Office. That’d be the best.

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