Talk to the Hand

Sheer ignorance and stupidity aside, is climate change denial also a function of good old self-interest? Are people so blatantly selfish that they’re willing to ignore the warnings of an overwhelming portion of the scientific community- not to mention just looking around and putting two and two together- because they stand to lose too much money? 

In my naivete, I have operated on the fairy tale assumption that no one could have such darkness in their soul, but this is obviously not the case. After all, there are the proponents of coal, oil, and gas, along with other diehard deniers who stand to lose the source of their wealth and livelihood. And we have a president who’s in the pocket of Old Energy, who doesn’t know what he thinks except that it needs to resonate with his base.

A mix of energy options is not a long-term solution. It’s a flimsy compromise, a postponement of the inevitable, a propping up of fossil fuel dinosaurs. It is a kowtowing to the traditional energy lobbies who still wield enormous power and influence, who have the resources and brain power to facilitate the movement to cleaner energy sources, to retool and retrain, but instead choose to drag their feet. 

It seems there is little thought being given to future generations. Yet the threat to civilization is real, and the clock keeps ticking.

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