I hear that film cameras are making a comeback, sort of in the same vein as LP records. Ahh, vinyl… What’s old is new again!

In the other direction, I was going to try and watch a 16K video shot at the International Space Station or somewhere, but decided not to because my laptop’s screen couldn’t do it justice, couldn’t handle the clarity. Remember high definition- HD- television? Dinosaur. A 16K video has 64x the pixel density of your “average” 1080p screen, which was the standard of excellence, oh, maybe three years ago. One might start wondering if a tv screen will look more like real life than real life.

For some, this no doubt lands in the category of “little known facts of lesser known value.” But it has me thinking about how we view our lives. Do we feel as though we need to be following suit somehow? Always taking things to the “next level,” always evaluating our time on earth in terms of how much effort we’re expending in that quest for some ideal version of ourselves? Heaven forbid we should stand still for very long.

It’s tempting to say, “Good luck with all that.” It isn’t that it’s not possible, I suppose. It’s just that it sounds so self-serving, so typically earthbound. I guess there are ways of arriving in a new place without being so intentional about it, as if it’s all about keeping up because somebody is keeping score.

There’s nothing wrong at all with having a sense of curiosity and a desire to keep on learning and growing, but that seems different than today’s emphasis on self-absorption.

Someone should just start a website called Everything Self. It would be a huge hit.

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