Gut Punch

So Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed. Susan Collins provided the clinching vote. She’s in the dog house with a lot of folks right now, but I can’t imagine she’s losing much sleep over this.

Anyway, Kavanaugh gets his appointment for life. Trump gets to gloat and act like an immature middle-schooler egged on by his classmates, the Republicans get to back-slap and congratulate one another, and the rest of us are left to wonder if indeed we are barking up the wrong tree, crying over spilled milk, too sensitive and pie-eyed and idealistic for our own good.

Why is it, though, that the Republicans seem like the Evil Empire? There’s just something “off” about the whole lot of them, and it’s summed up in Trump the opportunist. What are we missing about this guy that his supporters somehow get?

The feelings that are stirring now are feelings of extreme frustration, downright visceral dislike. It seems all about winning and losing, and we are losing alot. We know something is wrong but can’t do anything about it. The Democrats seem absolutely impotent, and the Republicans are practicing some sort of dark magic, operating in the shadows and somehow prevailing.

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