Not Again

Why is it that the tactics and criticism in political circles seem often reduced to the most sleasy common denominator? The skeleton in the closet often enough is an unwanted sexual advance, an ill-advised, often alcohol-fueled brain fart that, at the very least, reflects a skewed sense of privilege and entitlement, and may or may not indicate some deep-seated character flaw. And it certainly offers up a convenient red flag for those with political motivations of their own.

I have no intentions of defending Brett Kavanaugh or questioning the motives of Ms. Blasey-Ford or Ms. Ramirez, or those who sought their stories. I don’t know the man or what he’s done as a judge. I do know that, in the opinion of the person currently taking up space in the Oval Office, Kavanaugh has emerged as the candidate of choice to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. And this fact, as much as any current accusations made against Mr. Kavanaugh, is what concerns me.

There is a method to the Republican madness, which is to stack the SCOTUS with conservative-minded justices. In Trump’s case, a justice that may treat him kindly if the Mueller investigation offers up any damning accusations.

There’s enough licentiousness to go around. There always has been, if one digs deep enough. If there is justice and catharsis to be realized for Ms. Ford and Ms. Ramirez, then those will be good things for them, and long overdue.

In purely karmic, unabashed eye-for-an-eye, what-goes-around-comes-around fashion, I’d love to see enough doubt raised regarding Kavanaugh’s character to sink his nomination, if for no other reason than it evens the score with regard to the whole Merrick Garland saga.

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