Please Enlighten Me

There was a segment on the NBC Nightly News (aka Fake, in some circles) last night about the prohibitive cost of diabetes medication. People are literally trying to stretch their prescribed insulin dosage beyond what is safe, trying to make it last, because they can’t afford the monthly expense anymore.

So is this just the capitalist, free-market system doing its thing? Is this the “beauty” of it?

Is there a rationale for such price gouging?  How about “Well, people aren’t eating healthy food, they’re gaining weight, so we feel it’s only reasonable to force the issue and raise the price. Maybe this’ll get their attention and get them to reassess their lifestyle choices…”     Hey, that sounds good. Let’s wrap that one with a bow.

I don’t know what big pharma’s motives are, but it seems a safe bet that the bottom line looms large in their thinking. It’s easiest to assume the usual suspects: profit margin and greed.

Pretty cold.    But this is The Donald’s world now, we must remember. We’re all winning. Nothing but winning. Winning all the time.

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