Rocky Mountain Hi

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the Denver, CO area for a family event. There was time for walks through one of the Open Space areas near where I was staying. The suburbs around Denver are expanding so rapidly that there is need for a considerable amount of planning regarding land use and maintaining natural features and habitat- to keep from paving paradise and putting up a parking lot, or another apartment complex or retail space.


These Open Space areas offer local residents- and visitors- a place to walk, run, or bike, most often with views of the snow-capped Rockies. They leave no excuse for not getting out and being active, and they afford folks the opportunity to encounter everything from red-winged blackbirds and magpies to prairie dogs and coyotes.

It’s no mystery why people are flocking to this neck of the woods. Even in the midst of everyday activities, there are the glimpses of the mountains, the reminders of where you are.


And Red Rocks is a short drive away.


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