The Next Big Thing

So I’m a gadget guy. I admit to devouring the Sunday circulars from Staples and Best Buy. If I have to be in a mall, I’d prefer to pass the time in the electronics section of any department store.

Technology fascinates and impresses me. Updates and innovations happen with such frequency. And the minds behind these things!

I have a working knowledge of hardly any of it. I just use things and hope they never stop functioning properly.

Obsolescence is a given. It doesn’t take long for something that’s new and hot to cool down and show up in the rear view mirror, taking a back seat to the next big thing.

Which might set one to wondering if such a progression hasn’t already happened with various gifts we received for Christmas. We can file our gifts in a variety of categories—useful, needed, wanted, useless, @#$%^!, creative, unexpected, sentimental, thoughtful…

In my experience and memory, there has never been a gift that approached the lofty status of the Official Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle that Ralphie Parker dreamed of and received (with the compass in the stock), though there have been some needed, wanted, and unexpected gifts along the way and I’ve appreciated them all. Still, it amazes me how easily I can part with things that at one time were considered indispensable and must-haves.

If Christmas matters- beyond the candle light and family time and presents- then it need be bound up in Jesus. Everything and everybody else will wear out, break, not fit anymore, be willed to an heir, or take a back seat to whatever comes next.

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. In a world that gets quickly bored, this may sound like one more boring thing.

Yet Jesus is always a big thing, always calling us back from the brink, from our worship of lesser gods and the shallow, short-lived joy we might feel over whatever earthly treasure we care to covet.

It makes sense that we put our faith in things we can touch and see and use. But we know how that usually progresses.


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