Let me join the ranks of the Old Farts Club and add my voice to others who find loud after-market mods to cars and motorcycles among the most annoying and inconsiderate things going.

Apparently, the “safety” argument doesn’t hold water- as in a louder motorcycle will let surrounding drivers know it’s there.

Nice try.  No, this is more about not letting anyone dictate how to live one’s life. It’s about “expressing oneself.” It’s about “look at me,” and “in your face,” and “no one’s gonna tell me what to do.” For all I know, it might simply be about the twisted satisfaction derived from knowing that they’re pissing people off.

To all you rebels out there- just know that when you drive or ride by in your juiced-up decibel machines and disturb a perfectly peaceful morning- or any other time of day- many otherwise law-abiding and mild-mannered citizens are driven to contemplate their own beast mode scenarios.

None of which end well for you.   But you don’t really care about that, do you?

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