Nope. Not the kind that involves keeping tabs on the lives of the rich and famous who crave attention and have been fed by a fawning public for so long that they can’t imagine going too long without a compliment and an awards ceremony.

The other kind- the kind that involves looking up and out and being amazed and feeling small and insignificant.

Did you know that 109 earths could fit across the face of the Sun, and roughly 1,300,000 earths could fit inside of it? Did you know that the Sun is just a medium sized star- a yellow dwarf- and that Betelgeuse is 700 times larger and 14,000 times brighter, according to

I know- little known facts of lesser known value. But this is the kind of stuff that gets under my skin.

It’s amazing out there. Time to get a telescope.

                                              Galileo telescope

Probably not this one.

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