It is enjoyable to watch someone who knows what they’re doing.

Several local streets are in the process of getting a face lift- out with the old macadam, in with the new- and it’s been strangely gratifying to watch this process unfold. The crew knows what it’s doing, and they tend to business.

The rain has been fairly plentiful this summer, which means that lawn mowing has been a frequent task, and a pleasant one. There is something satisfying about being being able to improve the look of the place and get some exercise to boot.

I feel the same way about vacuuming the carpet, painting a wall, or doing the dishes- any task where there is a distinct before and after. It’s nice to gaze upon the completed work and feel a sense of accomplishment. I imagine that this is in part why electricians and plumbers and carpenters and road construction crews do what they do.

Tangible results, built-in feedback. I guess this is what I often crave.

In my two-plus decades as an ordained minister, I can honestly say that there have been very few days where I’ve felt like I knew what I was doing. By virtue of repetition, certain situations have become less stressful than they once were. But as far as having a handle on things in general- like I’ve mastered something- it has all remained quite nebulous.

And tangible results don’t often come with the territory.

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