In one view of a perfect world, everyone would get to pursue their passion and pour themselves into their work. What a great gift it is when this is how things work out. Some people, of course, are just driven- by what I’m not sure. They always put their best foot forward, put their nose to the grindstone, and all the rest of the applicable cliches. For whatever reason,  they accept nothing less for themselves, expect nothing less of themselves.

I remember taking a Lifesaving course for one of my phys. ed. requirements in college. I passed the course, but just barely. And it wasn’t long after that I was wondering how confident people would be if they knew that someone who got the equivalent of a 70 on a test, someone of average ability, was responsible for their safety.

Mediocrity rises above nothing. It gets by.

It’s been awhile since it mattered whether or not I impress anyone else. But I guess I’d still like to impress myself.

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