Just Gonna Sit Back and Let It Happen

It is true- what was observed in a recent NPR piece about the earth surviving various assaults along its way, including humans and what we’re doing to the planet. If global warming gets to a point where humans start dying off because of it (oops- it’s already happening), then it’s just one more instance of a species going extinct and the earth continuing on.

Which doesn’t serve as an argument the climate change naysayers get to make. There is a difference here, a big difference. We have evolved brains. We are sentient beings who know what we’re doing to ourselves and who are capable of fixing it, though that window of opportunity seems to be closing. 

The earth will survive, in some form, without us. But what does that prove?

Climate change deniers are imbeciles. Out to lunch. A devilish mix of selfish and ignorant.


Perspective is an interesting thing. For instance, there is no genus or species known as “weed.” A weed is just a plant growing where you don’t want it to grow. In fact, some “weeds” are actually edible and nutritious, even attractive.

We have our fair share of weeds in our yard, where I prefer grass to be growing. Perhaps there’s a lesson in there somewhere- about neglect and laziness providing fertile ground for undesirable developments.

Day: 1 Billion

For those among us who can’t understand why people always seem to be piling on our dear president, maybe they should pause for a moment and review his body of work. It is impressive in volume only, both auditory and spatial- as in being loud and taking up space that could be used for something more important. Its content is largely adolescent, revelatory of his lack of knowledge on most every topic.

He doesn’t just shoot from the hip, he shoots himself in the foot with regularity. But no one seems to care. Nothing seems to dent his armor. He behaves like a boorish buffoon, and the most his supporters can say is it’s just Trump being Trump. That’s getting old now, maybe even for them.

He’s a caricature of evil, his lack of concern for the earth is maddening and criminal. He’s diverting funds from all sorts of programs to build the fucking wall.  This has Stephen Miller written all over it.

Trump hasn’t drained any swamp. His inner circle has emerged from one, and they are attempting to walk upright.

Perfect Storm

The first pictures and video to come out of the Bahamas are gut-wrenching. Staggering, complete devastation. I’m sure in the days ahead we’ll get a fuller sense of what happened when Dorian stalled for 48 hours. There will be reporters on location asking stupid questions about how residents feel, inferring things they already know. You can’t blame them, in a way. They’re probably as dumbfounded as everyone else.

Where do you start? How does recovery begin after such an event? What if I didn’t have a house to live in anymore? What if all the things I take for granted- grocery stores and gas stations and hospitals and hardware stores- are all gone? It’s hard to fathom.

So here’s where the rest of the world comes in. Relief must come. A meaningful response must be made- something more than throwing rolls of paper towels and blaming the Bahamas for getting in the way of a hurricane.


“Give me Jesus.”

You sure you want him?

If there is any substance to the stories, he’ll get in your head. And heart. He’ll expect more of you than you’re probably willing to give. He’ll expect you to take the high road- all the time. He’ll expect you to care just as much for others as you care for yourself. And no, this doesn’t jive with the prevailing drivel about self-care and self-worth, and the advertisers who make it their business to appeal to our innate selfishness as they assure us that their reason for being is to make us happy.

“Give me Jesus?” Get over yourself and your romantic notions of a westernized, anglicized savior who you carry around in your back pocket like a good luck charm.

He’ll destroy your life.

And then, according to scripture, gift you a new one.

Up In Smoke

Amazonia is burning and Brazil’s leader doesn’t seem to care. Donald Trump pretty much blames Puerto RIco for being in the path of another big storm. Boris Johnson somehow convinces the Queen that suspending Parliament is a good idea. This current crop of world leaders is jaw-droppingly awful. All cut from the same cloth. These guys could have been in the same graduating class, all described as “most likely to abuse power and destroy the world.” 

What bothers me most is that they’ve come to power at all. How desperate does someone have to be to buy their particular brands of bullshit?