The Climate He’s Created

It seems fishy to me that Trump restarts the Covid press conferences shortly after the redirection of statistics from CDC to HHS.

Seems like the door is now opened to manipulated data that he or others can hand pick to paint whatever picture they feel needs painting.

Or is this just unwarranted cynicism and suspicion?

Enough Already

How is it remotely possible for anyone to still support Donald Trump? The only answer I can come up with is that people are gullible and desperate. Stubborn, too.

Take a closer look, people. Dare to take a closer look. Look into his scowling countenance, his empty eyes, his empty soul. Listen to the words that ooze from him like sewage bubbling up in your back yard. Look at the people with whom he surrounds himself. Then decide if you still think he’s the person for the job.

This pandemic disaster is in no small part his doing (and yours, too, since you believe the virus is a hoax and masks are for suckers and wimps). Our new standing in the world as laughingstock and object of scorn and pity is in no small part because of him. He’s not a leader. He’s not even fully human. He is dead inside, a thousand times worse than the Grinch. Yet you love him. This can only be because you don’t want to admit your mistake, your miscalculation. You can’t concede anything to us pansy socialist libtards who saw the writing on the wall, but who obviously hate America and whose one burning desire is to turn it into a nanny state.

Wow, you really will believe anything.

In your own estimation, you may be patriots and you may love America. But your patriotic fervor comes with strings attached, blind spots and caveats. You may think it’s love, but it’s really something less.

Refining Fire

I realize now that the America I used to believe in was in some ways a figment of my imagination. This is what happens as you get older and are given occasional peeks behind the curtain. Still, there was something upright and pure about my once-upon-a-time America. I was proud of it, thought it could do no wrong. Heck, fifty-one years ago today Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon. Then walked on it! That was a heady time, something to celebrate after a rough 1968.

I pledged allegiance without reservation. I viewed the flag as a powerful symbol of freedom, though equality had never been something I gave much thought to. I didn’t spend a lot of time pondering the reality that other Americans didn’t really feel like they were Americans, didn’t feel welcomed or that they belonged here. They saw the flag differently. They saw the moon landing effort differently. They saw, and see, many things differently.

Nation building, it turns out, is more complicated and less virtuous than the version we were fed in our history books. It is a ruthless, dirty business. Someone is always getting caught in the bulldozer treads.

The flag means less to me now than it once did. I’m not proud of this “exceptional” country the way I once was. I’m angry with it, sad for it, wondering if it will survive much longer. Wondering if it can emerge from the current darkness and confusion.

In the back of my mind, words like “resilience” and “hopefulness” still rattle around. And these are what we need now, in the throes of a pandemic, in the midst of unrest and increasingly acute economic hardship, and with the likes of Donald Trump running the show and poisoning everything.

If we get the opportunity to look back on these days, I hope we can see them as catharsis, as revelation, as the moment when we as a nation looked in the mirror and finally didn’t like what we saw.  

Day and Night

If governors do their job and lead with a level head, mindful of data, and they stick to their guns, they get hit with opposition for being too dictatorial, not business-friendly enough. They get attacked for doing their job and making decisions. But the infection rates and hospitalizations drop.

If they decide to kiss Trump’s ass and disregard precautions and open early, they end up with a short-lived period of pseudo-normalcy followed by sky-rocketing sickness, maxed-out ERs, exhausted doctors and nurses, a drain on precious PPE, and businesses that have to close again anyway.

What bothers me is that the former course of action hasn’t been adopted by every state. There are no longer adequate words to capture the futility of trying to understand the vast differences of opinion and adopted strategies.

Andrew Cuomo adopted a rational and sane strategy and stuck to it. Ron DeSantis and his kindred idiot in Georgia just decided “No one will tell us how to handle things, except the Almighty Donald. We’re still fighting the Civil War and this time we’re gonna win. We have rights.”

Maybe they also have blood on their hands.

Covid Blues

Here we are 7 months into this disaster and it could have been under control by now, if we had just worn masks and hunkered down for a month. But we couldn’t grasp the seriousness, and we couldn’t wear masks early on because there weren’t enough to go around (still aren’t, for healthcare workers). It took a while for the cottage industries to ramp up.

The President said that it was just gonna go away. Many believed him, and apparently still do.

There was no direction, no guidance we could all agree on. The red/blue curse followed us into this battle. The states were on their own. Accordingly, it looks like we’re on the verge of losing control in some places, if that hasn’t already happened. This in no small part because large enough groups of the population confuse certain inalienable rights with the demands and realities of a universal, existential threat like a pandemic.

These are insane arguments about rights and freedom, because the virus doesn’t care. It simply continues to have a field day all over the place. The mayor of Atlanta puts a mask requirement in place, but the governor says, “not so fast.”  How can this be? That loud sucking sound we’re hearing is tone-deaf leaders with their lips firmly pressed against Donald Trump’s ass. How’s that for a visual?

This is insanity on steroids.

Time For A Purge

Sometimes, don’t you just want to be rid of the whole mess, wake up one morning and realize it was the proverbial bad dream? Because everything is swirling, everything is rotten, ugly, depressing, emitting an odor of decay and doom, without a hint of hope or positivity or cheerfulness.

Donald Trump and his whole administration have to go as soon as possible. His presence and that of those around him is stultifying. He is slimy, conniving, humorless, dangerous. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve said this to myself, or felt this way. It’s just darkness and lamentation every fucking day.

The only light comes from hoping we vote him out of office on November 3. This is our only hope. We need hope now, we need to hold onto the possibility of a return to some semblance of capable governance and leadership, even if it comes in the person who’s much closer to 80 than 70.

Because many are yearning for a sensible, calming voice amidst all the clamor and noise. Someone who speaks plainly and knowledgeably, rather than out of his ass.

Just The Way It Is

It was good to hear a medical doctor confirm what I and many others have wondered regarding the coronavirus.

In theory, if we all masked, distanced, isolated, and otherwise minimized our movements for 1 month, the virus would be gone, or significantly mitigated. This will never happen, but it makes sense. The virus would have limited means of transmission, few hosts, and it would die off.

Again, between necessity and arrogance/stupidity/ignorance, this will never happen. There would be segments of any population who wouldn’t be able to shelter in place. People need to eat, they need to work their essential jobs, so there would always be a certain level of movement and exposure.

And the people given to unintelligent decisions would be the ones to really throw a wrench in the works, because real Americans aren’t going to let a fabricated left-wing conspiracy keep them from living their damn lives.

Captain Ron

From all appearances, Gov. Ron DeSantis is in way over his head. Florida is reeling from a record caseload of covid and all he can do is make convoluted, feeble attempts at dispelling the gravity of the situation.

Yet another Trump lackey, butt sniffer, and human dunce cap who doubts the science and stands behind this dangerous belief about constitutional rights and economic necessity taking precedence over precautions and a more measured approach.

It’s hard to watch.

Guess I’ll Wear A Mask Now

Looks like the Trump train is starting to feel the heat, pulling out all the stops in an effort to pull his chances for reelection out of the dumpster. Or maybe he had a rare moment of clarity and realized that he needs to set an example. Nah.

If he wins in November, we can kiss America goodbye. Four more years of Trump and Miller and company will be the end of us.

You can bet on seeing a new and improved Donald in the weeks ahead, but it’ll just be lipstick on a pig. No offense to our porcine friends.

Summa Cum Lousy

There’s a tendency to overplay and otherwise dramatize the level of sacrifice we Americans have made during this pandemic.

No doubt, many have sacrificed and continue to do so, from front line healthcare workers, to suddenly stay-at-home parents, to all sorts of essential workers. I don’t consider just staying home and minimizing trips much of a contribution, or patriotic. Staying at home has been this introvert’s dream scenario. Yet even this somehow gets lumped in with the sacrifices others have made.

And let’s not forget all the graduating high school seniors who were denied their moment and suffered an apparently debilitating withholding of attention. Get over it, folks. Consider this whole year one for the record books, momentous in a unique way. And you were part of that! Besides, you and your school district personnel were pretty creative in developing alternative graduation experiences, some of which were way cooler than if it had been a normal year. So, I hope you’ve stopped feeling sorry for yourselves and are getting on with your lives.

As for those in positions of leadership, namely the President, Vice President, certain task force members, Governors and network pundits? You all get big red F’s. For your inaction, your calculated coldness, your cowardice, your weakness, your sheer stupidity and spitefulness, and your willingness to mislead and foment and turn a pandemic into a political beach ball. Shame on all of you. Thanks for going above and beyond in eroding ever further our trust in public officials.

And way to go, MAGA crowd, who cried “constitutional rights,” embraced the Gospel of Donald like the herd of lemmings that you are, and took it upon yourselves to stare down the virus and lose miserably. What did you think was going to happen? Such monumental hubris and selfishness.

And what do you have against science, anyway? Are you waiting on some biblical solution? Better take a longer, closer look at the Good Book– all of it, not just the Old Testament.