Short-lived Euphoria

The Republicans are trying to get us to doubt what we can see with our own eyes. Who are these people?

They must be Americans from the other America.

The truly appalling thing is that they are carrying on as if nothing else is happening in the world- no pandemic, no economic hardship, a planet on fire, the myriad other needs to be tended to. I guess I understand the politics of the stonewalling— for the Georgia run-off and the possibility of a Trump run in 2024. And to pay Donald’s bills. Gotta keep the damned base motivated. Still, this doesn’t make the current ugliness any more palatable or excusable.

Looks like the Republican Party has officially checked out. We’re watching a coup attempt, aren’t we?

Sniveling Smallness

Donald Trump is like a chronic and painful condition that flares up on a regular basis. A vile, cankerous, pus-infected eruption. A boil, plantar fasciitis, a bad back, a hernia.

Is he really so powerful that the people around him are all in lockstep with his tweets and rants? Or is it, has it always been, the other way around? Is he just your run-of-the-mill gas bag, following someone else’s lead, someone else’s instructions? Has he always just been a mouthpiece, a puppet?

The Republicans appear, once again, to be putting up a united front, claiming fraud and irregularities in the voting results of several states, refusing to give the go-ahead for Biden to start getting ready to take the reigns, refusing to cooperate during the transition.

But the results are the results. The people have spoken. Certainly they are aware that this was no ordinary set of circumstances. There was and is a pandemic going on, so the mechanics of voting were different than normal. What the Republicans are doing is a waste of everyone’s time. They really do like pissing people off. They’re really good at that, but not much else.

We can’t let a minority- even a significant minority- keep hijacking things. 74-plus million people voted for Biden, and he prevails in the Electoral College. The majority rules, yet right now the minority seems to still be pulling the strings, muddying the waters, holding things up. It’s disappointing, and maddening beyond words.

They all seem OK with deepening the wounds and pouring salt in them. Trump and Pompeo and Barr and the rest of the sycophants are vindictive, callous, lecherous, smug, self-serving slugs who need to have their collective shit-eating grin wiped from their faces.

This is all delicious sport to them. They’re all just messing with us, and they think it’s hilarious. They’re like the defeated bully who gets in one last dig about your mother before being unceremoniously tossed out of the dance.

An Angry Toddler

It’s a bit surprising how easy it has been to forget about Donald Trump.

The election, for all intents and purposes, is over. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office in January, and already Trump is fading into the ether.

Though not totally, because, well, it’s Donald Trump, and he’s not going anywhere without throwing a hissy fit and giving at least the appearance of wanting to throw a wrench in the works. And he is still the president for another 70-plus days. He can still go scorched earth, unless cooler heads prevail.

Bad Pennies

The last I checked, Electoral College votes are 279-214. Even Fox News joined the chorus, proclaiming the Biden/Harris ticket the winners. Trump predictably issued a statement saying he doesn’t honor these results and will continue fighting for the result the American people (read: his base) demand.

He really needs to stop saying that.

The noise won’t go away for a while, probably not until 1/20/21. And we can’t really enjoy the Biden victory yet, because we can’t be sure that Trump won’t yet find a way to sabotage things. It’s maddening beyond words, and all so unnecessary.

Trump could concede and tell his supporters that they fought… some sort of fight. He could tell them the race is over and they must try to give Biden and Harris a chance– for the benefit of the country they say they love. But Trump most likely won’t do that, because he can’t. Because he is a child, and apparently because he wants to keep his base fired up. It’ll be a huge missed opportunity, perhaps the most honorable thing he could have done in his life.

One gets the feeling that he and his family aren’t gonna go away. They’re going to find a way to remain in the public eye, and they will whine and accuse and cry “foul!” and bitch about the system being rigged against them. Can you imagine that?

They really are a sad, ignorant, tone deaf, and wildly unpalatable and entitled bunch.

Kind of a Nightmare

While we are or should be invested, what happens here on earth is entirely inconsequential, in the cosmic scheme of things. Everything that happens here on this blue marble is a scream into the void and vacuum of endless space. Even a contested election, which appears to be what we have or will have before too long.

My Pink Floydesque downer of an attempt at trying to dispel the heaviness.

Trump’s reach exceeds his grasp, though not in a good way, and things appear to be playing out just as he wants them. Go away, Orange Man. Or say goodnight, America.

The pollsters really blew this one, kind of like last time. I’ve always thought they were window dressing, anyway. Just a lot of noise and wasted air time and conjecture that creates false confidence, and illusion. Gonna try to stay away from media for a while, though it will be hard. Because this is one gnarly accident scene.

Maybes and Hopes

Why would anyone want Donald Trump out front as the face of their cause?

Anyone who reads any of these posts knows that this is what has mystified me this whole long, excruciating time. What have people seen in him, heard from him, that inspires such loyalty, such a willingness to overlook the ugly persona and character flaws and the sewage passing for words?

Well, here we go. Election Day. The day many of us have been waiting for since November 8, 2016. Maybe, possibly, by sometime late tonight, we’ll know whether or not America is going to survive, or at least have a chance to right itself. (11/4 post script– this, of course, was pie-in-the-sky. We’re in deep shit. The election is undecided, and it looks like a long, protracted battle coming.)

This shit show passing for a presidency has exposed some glaring cracks in the façade—things many knew existed but could keep hiding in an “end room” where stuff gets piled. We can’t do that anymore. The racism, the xenophobia, the heavy-handed authoritarian tendencies, the ineptitude, the bald-faced lying, the plain ugliness of an empty vessel with no conscience. My friggin’ word—enough already!!! I hope a rational majority actually exists and votes in droves. I hope the system works, and all the doubt and fears of a stolen election turn out to be overreactions and ratings-driven hype. I hope.

Why would anyone want Donald Trump to be out front as the face of their cause? It’s been the mystery all along. Is it simply because he’s a wise ass, talks trash about “libtards?” Because he speaks to white peoples’ racist fears of losing control, of losing their arbitrary, undeserved place at the head of the line? Maybe their cause isn’t a cause at all.

I hope all of this will have served as a corrective, and not an indication that we have entered the downward spiral of what has been the best attempt at a democracy. Maybe we’ll have the chance to improve things, to make America something more than a “democracy” in name only.

To keep working on the ideal becoming real.

Pressure Cooker

I’ve tried to flesh this out before, but it’s worth a fresh attempt every now and then. When I look at what is happening in this country on any given day, I come away feeling like we are living in at least two distinct realities. Well, three realities. Or two and a fantasy world– Trump has always operated in his own little bubble, used to whining and, if not getting what he wants, then meting out his own brand of justice, whether it’s a retributive ousting from a post, or a relentless and childish Twitter barrage slandering someone who disagrees with him, or of whom he is jealous.

Many of his supporters behave like barely sentient beings who buy the stock Trumpian/Republican talking points about freedom and low taxes and deregulation and Mexican rapists and “liberals are evil socialists” and “no one takes our guns away.” Oh, and Covid-19 is just gonna magically disappear.

Meanwhile, many others are wondering if they’ve ever been or will ever be heard, if there is even a place for them in America.

Trump really only cares about himself and those who can help him. He doesn’t have the capacity for empathy, he has neither the interest nor the energy to address the needs of anyone who doesn’t benefit him in some way. He is quid pro quo personified.

If Trump ends up pulling this off, what can’t get lost in the post-election furor is that he cheated his ass off. And it won’t be “Hey, that’s politics.” It will be premeditated, criminal thievery and obstruction. Yet he will be proud as a peacock, all puffed up because he got away with it, again! And he’ll be expecting kudos for his serpentine shrewdness.

It’s all just a game to him. He really doesn’t care about America. He is a warped, lost soul, in love with being the top dog.

This Is Not A Drill

Is this election really a referendum on the state of the nation’s soul? This is what we hear, with some regularity, from pundits and others who have a stake in wanting us to stay tuned to their networks.

But beyond ratings, what else is at stake here? Looking at the tactics being employed by Republicans, it would seem they really do want to remain in power in the worst way. They have proven that they will say and do just about anything to make this happen—from gerrymandering to sabotaging the USPS’ ability to deliver mail on time– and thus also ballots– to ramrodding a Supreme Court justice confirmation, a justice assumed to be “friendly” to Trump and someone who may or may not recuse herself from anticipated cases that arise in the aftermath of November 3.

There have been other less overt things along the way. The Republicans have been laying the groundwork for a while now. It has me wondering if the Democrats would do the same things. Are both parties similar in this vein? Are they both so desperate for power that they’d do pretty much anything to hang onto it?

Or are we seeing one party in particular descend into darkness? This nation’s institutions are under assault by Donald Trump and a party rife with enablers and self-serving, archaic ideas. When our institutions, the checks and balances, don’t matter and don’t appear to be working, then we are in trouble.

It seems we have indeed arrived at a tipping point, perhaps hastened by an irrational fear of progressive ideas, along with fearful white people who see their long-held yet undeserved status being threatened by a changing complexion.

Tired Refrains

It’s tiring to listen to even the politicians you like tell lies, misspeak and exaggerate. They all do it. They all develop their Santa Claus wish list material and things their constituents want to hear. They spout questionable statistics, and make fantastic promises that may or may not be kept.

Trump doesn’t say anything important, or at least helpful. And to the strains of overly dramatic music, Joe Biden promises the world, tries to inspire, promises to fix everything. His plans and their enactment depend on, among other things, a cooperative Congress and his capacity for staying healthy and energized and functional into his 80s.

Much of Biden’s appeal, and the main reason he may prevail, is because he seems to be a decent guy, while his opponent seems intent on vying for Worst Person In The World.